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Selling a property can be a complex process, but with my Seller's Guide, you’ll be equipped with the tools you need to succeed. From valuing your property to listing it on the market and arranging viewings and open houses, I'm here to guide you through every stage of the journey. I work with the industry's best photographers, stagers and designers to make sure your property is treated with care and highlighted at the forefront of every buyer. Together with the team at Forest Hill Real Estate, you have our years of experience and proven success in the Toronto real estate market at your fingertips.


Electronic Marketing

The Forest Hill website acts as the main hub for its evergrowing and expanding unique locations. It is a user-friendly website featuring current listings, Real Estate Agent information, open house details, mortgage and insurance calculators, financial information for Buyers, and a contemporary blog.

The Calculator page features land, mortgage and insurance calculators so that Buyers can accurately assess their purchase. The Real Estate Agent page allows users to find a specific Real Estate Agent, search by office or view the full roster. The Media page displays print and online attention focused on Forest Hill in the past few years.

Print Advertising

National Post

The world renowned and widely read newspaper, National Post, features a weekly Forest Hill Real Estate full page advertisement section in the Saturday Post Homes.
National Post readers are professional, educated and affluent, occupying top positions in business. Additionally, 69% of National Post readers exclusively read the post, without turning to other publications.

Post City Magazine

Over the past 25 years, Post City has been committed to producing unique, high-quality community magazines that report on the news, real estate and lifestyles of Toronto’s finest areas. The numerous magazines in the Post group are delivered straight into the mailboxes of Toronto’s most sought-after markets. Each month 175,000 copies of the magazine are delivered to Toronto’s most exclusive enclaves for a total of almost 2 million copies delivered each year. Forest Hill recognizes Post City as an important marketing tool, and produces advertisements each month in the Post City Magazine. 

Epoch Times

Forest Hill is proud to present a large advertisement in the Epoch Times each month. Published in 21 languages and 35 countries, Epoch Times provides well-sourced stories through original Chinese-language reporting. Freedom of the press and humanity are the foundation of Epoch Times, providing uncensored news to a people immersed in propaganda and censorship in China. 

Muskoka Shiny Sheet

Forest Hill is proud to present the Muskoka Shiny Sheet, an original publication disseminated across Muskoka
and the surrounding areas.


Multiple Listing Service

Multiple Listings Search (MLS) systems facilitate successful transactions. MLS helps listing brokers find cooperative representatives working with Buyers to help sell their clients’ homes. Without the collaborative incentive of the existing MLS, brokers would create their own separate systems of cooperation, fragmenting rather than consolidating property information.

MLS is a powerful force for listing competition. It levels the playing field so that even the smallest brokerage in town can compete with the biggest multi-state firm. Buyers and sellers can work with the professional of their choice, confident that they have access to the largest pool of properties for sale in the marketplace. Forest Hill Real Estate Inc. is proud to offer listings on MLS, in an efficient and comprehensive manner. 


Luxury Real Estate

For over a decade, Forest Hill Real Estate has been building a strong relationship with the worldrenowned Who’s Who in Luxury Real Estate. A worldwide collection of top brokers representing the finest luxury properties across the globe, Who’s Who in Luxury Real Estate has been leading the real estate industry since 1986. This hand-selected group of more than 130,000 professionals with properties in more than 70 countries collectively sells over $300 billion of real estate annually, making it the most elite and comprehensive luxury real estate network in the world. 

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Selin achieved early success practicing in interior design and has spent years honing her trading techniques to become a successful derivatives trader. Through her experiences wearing many different hats, she has developed an acute eye for opportunities. Her experience in trading has sharpened her ability to creatively manage and adapt to the ebb and flow of an ever-changing market, which is an essential aspect of real estate work.

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