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Buying a home is a significant decision that requires professional guidance and support. Whether you're a first-time homebuyer or an experienced investor, I provide unmatched expertise and commitment to help you achieve success in your real estate ventures. As an experienced and caring real estate agent, I am committed to providing you candid advice and guiding you throughout the process, to ensure that each transaction is professional and seamless. From finding the perfect home, to closing the deal, I am with you every step of the way.


Agency Relationship

Entering into a Buyer’s Broker Agreement has countless advantages and will serve to create a dedicated working relationship with your Real Estate Agent. When you sign the agreement, you are agreeing to hire a personal representative who, by law, must represent your best interests to the best of her/his ability. A Buyer Broker’s fiduciary duty is to the Buyer. All of this personal service is available at absolutely no cost to you.


Neighbourhood Factors

There are many factors to consider when selecting a neighbourhood that is right for you. Neighbourhoods have characteristic personalities designed to suit certain people, such as single people, growing families, two-career couples, or retirees. You can always make changes to your house but you can never change its location. Most home
Buyers will already have a good idea of where they would like to live based on school districts, work or other factors. However, it is important to do your research and scout of a few neighbourhoods before making a decision.


Making the decision whether to buy an older condo or one that is in the pre-construction phase can be a hard one. Older buildings will offer more space for the dollar, but will have high maintenance fees and may require renovations. New buildings will have lower maintenance fees but smaller space for the same price. Also new buildings will usually have better amenities. As a Buyer, you have to decide what works better for you.

The reputation of the developer is an integral part of the buying process. Ask your real estate agent and research the developer. Some developers specialize in specific types of projects, whether mid-rise or high-rise, luxury or affordable. It is important to know the type of condo in which your developer specializes.

Usually higher floors command higher prices, as they offer privacy and better views. The view may be better on a higher floor but a great view can increase the value and price of a unit. Building access also varies between high and lows floors. If easy access is a big deal to you, then the podium level, eg. the first three to five floors is a great choice. Elderly and restricted mobility persons may also prefer a lower floor. All buildings have accessibility units for sale. The upper floors are a perfect choice if you value peace and quiet, allowing you to avoid traffic noise.

Tarion enrolls new homes for warranty coverage, investigates illegal building practices, resolves warranty disputes between builders and homeowners, and promotes high standards of construction among Ontario’s new home builders. New homes with Tarion Warranty are guaranteed to a standard.

Amenities benefit a property and thereby increases its value. Tangible amenities can include guest rooms, elevators, wifi, restaurants, parks, communal areas, swimming pools, golf courses, health club facilities, party rooms, etc

When purchasing a pre-construction unit, the builder will require periodical deposits. This will be outlined in the first page of the Agreement. Speak to your real estate agent and ensure you`re able to fulfill the deposit schedule prior to signing. Deposit schedules can be amended.

The maintenance fee covers the operating expenses for the building and usually includes property taxes, building insurance, management fees and common area upkeep.

Although they can be complicated, assignment sales are a great opportunity for both buyers and sellers. An assignment is the sale of a condominium during the occupancy period or construction phase and prior to final closing or registration of the development. The assignor (Seller) assigns all of their rights and obligations under their contract to the assignee (Buyer).

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